Wind Energy

Pre-design work

It is in the earlier stage of any project where one creates foundation of its failure or success. For example, improperly selected site cannot be improved even with perfect design and construction.

We do:

  • Site selection
  • Wind monitoring
  • Wind resource assessment
  • Micro-siting
  • Environment impact assessment
  • Feasibility studies

Wind monitoring

We are the leading wind monitoring company in Russia and CIS countries.

We have realized over 100 wind monitoring projects with up to 120 m high met masts, as well as by LIDARs, which results are acknowledged by international consultants and financial institutes.

Wind monitoring is performed according to international guidelines and standards (IEC 61400-12-1, Measnet).

Design works

Design and construction of industrial facilities, such as wind farm, is regulated differently in different countries. Since wind power is not yet mature in Russia its regulation is complicated and confusing. Some requirements are over excessive, and some are easy to avoid.

We do:

  • Land acquisition
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and approvals
  • Grid connection
  • Engineering studies
  • Basic and detailed design documentation
  • Basic and detailed design documentation
  • Construction supervision


In the construction of industrial plants is complex process with many nuances, which value one can understand with experience – the selection of appropriate crane equipment, optimization of installation and storage areas, the organization of the rhythm of work, etc.

We do:

  • Construction of wind turbine foundations
  • Installation of wind turbines
  • Wind turbine electric works
  • Other construction, installation, and electrical works (roads, assembly areas, overhead and underground cable electric lines, communication networks, switchgears, substations, etc.)
  • Specific automaton and communication systems to comply with the regulation of power system operator and commercial operator of the Russian wholesale electricity market
  • Commissioning

Operation & Maintenance

Operation and maintenance of wind farms in Russia working on the wholesale electricity market imposes a large number of requirements from System Operator, Market Council, Administrator of Trade System, other regulation bodies.

We do:

  • 24 / 7 / 365 dispatching of wind farms
  • Maintenance of wind turbines
  • Maintenance of wind turbines
  • Wind turbines repair
  • Electricity trading with day ahead forecast

Wind Turbine Manufacturing

It is obvious that the unit capacity of wind turbines is growing every year. But it should also be clear that in Russia, with its size and roads, with its construction and transport infrastructure condition, delivery and installation of super-heavy and extremely oversized units of equipment is associated with enormous difficulties, risks and costs. That’s why the installation of large capacity wind turbines in Russia is justified only for large wind farms of 25 MW and more.

And what about building small wind power plants for retail electricity markets, remote isolated power systems, industrial consumers for self-consumption?

For this purpose, we launched the production of medium capacity wind turbines, which weight and dimensions allow transporting them at a reasonable cost even to the Far North, assembling them using affordable crane equipment.

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