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Wind Energy

We are the leading engineering company in the wind energy sector in Russia. We have made over 5000 MW of wind power resource assessments, over 100 wind monitoring projects, hundreds of MW of feasibility studies and development, and built 8 wind power plants. We manufacture wind turbines and operate wind power plants. We can help you make the most of wind.

Solar Energy

We built more than 300 grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems. We can help both business and private users to lower their energy bills by producing electricity directly from the sun for 2-3 rub./kWh during the next 25-30 years.

Energy Storage

We have implemented dozens of projects of standby and off-grid power supply systems using energy storage. We can help you manage your electricity consumption – store it when it’s profitable and use it when you need it.


Clean energy is affordable to everyone. High-quality equipment. Direct deliveries from manufacturers.


About us

We develop clean, affordable, and beautiful energy for us and our children.
We design and build wind and solar power plants.
We manufacture and operate renewable energy systems.

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